January has some great festivals and events coming up in and around our hotels, which highlight the sheer diversity and richness of India’s culture, north to south Here are some of our Top Picks: 13 – 16 January: Pongal at Coco Lagoon, Pollachi , Tamil Nadu The most important festival of the south, as they .


Romancing the Rains

Romancing the Rains – Pollachi We start romancing the rains with South India, which welcomes the monsoon on to the mainland.   The clouds roll over and into Pollachi, percolating every pore in the area. Condensing from the leaves into droplets and then little streams, which sometimes turn to mighty waterfalls.  The consistent rejuvenation of .


Palampur. Not quite Dharamshala, but better.

Palampur doesn’t come up readily in a list of mountain holiday destinations. However given our recent visit, it’s quite a surprise that it doesn’t. Deciding to travel by train, we were told that taking the overnight Himachal express from Old Delhi to Amb, and then a cab onward would be the best bet, as we’d .


The Pollachi Experience (2017) – Where To Go & What To Do

Pollachi town lies some 40kms south of Coimbatore, just about on the Tamil Nadu – Kerala border. Pollachi features heavily in travel itineraries for southern India. Especially so, the ones focussing on wildlife tourism. So if you happen to have a liking for birding, wildlife watching, traditional ayurvedic treatments or even stunning lush-green surroundings, Pollachi is .


Four exciting activities to make the most of your mountain holiday

A Mountain Holiday has become a happy yearly ritual for most people living in the plains. Come April, the appraisals get over, exams are finished, and schools/colleges declare their holidays. This is kicks off the holiday season, and a majority of us make our plans for heading to the cool, breezy mountains. A mountain holiday .


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