Abbotsford Nainital
Abbotsford Nainital
Uttarakhand (India)

About Abbotsford Nainital

Abbotsford Nainital is a premium heritage home-stay located right at the edge of the hill town, offering splendid views through the seasons.

Abbotsford Nainital View

Nainital Town

Founded in 1841, Nainital is a well known tourist destination in Northern India. The crowning jewel of the (hard-fought-for-and-won-by by British forces from the Nepalese) Kumaon region, the town provides for a cool respite from the oppressive Indian summer today, as it did then.

In true fashion of Raj-era settlements, the town is dotted with buildings sporting architecture of that specific style. Charming, quaint and reassuringly calm, parts of Nainital remain an indispensable part of traveller itineraries.

Abbotsford Nainital (Prasada Bhawan) was built in 1876, could very well serve as a perfect backdrop for a book of short stories recounting the tales that are synonymous with mountain towns of yore.

Abbotsford Nainital Entrance

The Main Building Entry

The sloping tin roof, the high ceilings, pinewood flooring and eclectic décor choc-a-bloc with elements such as wedgwood hanging plates, swords, muskets, marble busts allows for the visitors to experience a time machine-esqe transformation as they step through the gates of the property.

The 16 inch thick stone masonry walls enclose all material comforts, enriched by broad strokes of art and culture.

Abbotsford Nainital In the Sun

Basking in the Sunlight

On the outside lies natural beauty that has been the highlight of descriptors for the Kumaon region. The crisp mountain air carries calls of rare mountain birds from the adjoining forests, and dawn or dusk, beckons you to take a walk, discovering the joys of Nainital with every passing step.

Abbotsford Nainital – Highlights

Abbotsford is a heritage home-stay steeped in history. The biggest highlight of your visit being the building itself.

The accommodation consists of rooms and a cottage which carry a distinct element of the British era charm. Quaint and warm, they’ve names such as “the crown room”, “the princess suite” and “Wordsworth cottage” to complete the thematics.

The building has countless number of artifacts spread within, and it’s worth spending time just to explore the confines for an evening or two.

Abbotsford Nainital Inside

Everywhere you look, something catches your eye.

Abbotsford Nainital has large outdoor areas which are perfect for lounging about. You can even choose to have your meals al fresco, and enjoy the beautiful weather, crisp mountain air and chirping of birds from within the oak forests that surround the property.

Abbotsford Nainital Cafe Chica

Perfect for long breakfasts!

There is much to do around the property. Birding, soft treks, picnics in the jungle, heritage walks, a round of golf and if it so catches your fancy, doing nothing at all!

Abbotsford Nainital – Location

  • The Nearest rail head is Kathgodam which is a 40 mins driving distance to the resort.
  • The Nearest Airport is Pant Nagar, distance to the resort is 71 kms.
  • By Road, the resort is 326 Kms from New Delhi.

Abbotsford Nainital – Room Types

Abbotsford House:

  • Princess Suite
Abbotsford Nainital Princess Suite

The Princess Suite

  • 03 luxury rooms (Juliet Room, Kings Room, Queens Room)
Abbotsford Nainital Juliet Room

The Juliet Room

Abbotsford Nainital Kings Room

The King’s Room

Abbotsford Nainital Queen's Room

The Queen’s Room

  • 01 deluxe room (Crown Room)
Abbotsford Nainital Crown Room

The Crown Room

Wordsworth Cottage:

  • Wordsworth Suite
Abbotsford Nainital Wordsworth Suite

Way to the Wordsworth Suite

  1. 01 Deluxe room (Hill Room – 1)
  2. 01 Standard room (Hill Room – 2)

Abbotsford Nainital – Activities

For the outdoorsy:

Nature walks are a wonderful way to explore the wilderness around Abbotsford Nainital. Dense oak forests, hidden meadows and rhododendron trees are a recurring theme. You can even get a picnic lunch organized in a hidden spot within the forest. A couple of glasses of wine, some delicious food, your spot in the shade and the day is made!

Abbotsford Nainital Outdoors

And moving back, as dusk approaches.

Nainital is perfect for birding in the late winter and spring. The avian biodiversity in this period attracts birding enthusiasts from across the country. So just carry your birding kit, and head to Abbotsford Nainital to get your views of winged wonders.

Then there is mountain biking, horse riding, boating, golf & heritage walks to indulge in. For a mountain holiday, that’s being spoiled for choice.

For the laid back:

Read. Catch a nap. Get some lunch. Bask in the Sun. Read some more.

Abbotsford Nainital Inside

You, a book & some sun on your back.

Oh, and the food at Café Chica is absolutely amazing. You can sample Indian and Continental off-course, but to savour is the Oudhi cuisine from the house of the Parasada family. The recipes have been passed through generations of the family and we assure you that they’re worth every bit of the effort.

Abbotsford Nainital Cafe Chica

Perfect for drawn out lunches.

Beyond Oudhi delicacies, do try the local Kumaoni dishes. Rich and wholesome, they too are a treat to sample.


Card / Board games, and the views.

Abbotsford Nainital – Travel Tips

  • If travelling by road, it’s best to leave Delhi early morning to beat the traffic.
  • An excellent locale for birding. Prior reading about the species found here will add to the entire experience.
  • Spend an afternoon at Café Chica, just chilling.

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