Anand at the Satluj Anandpur Sahib
Anand at the Satluj Anandpur Sahib
Punjab (India)

About Anand at the Satluj

Anand at the Satluj is a unique premium farm-stay located at the banks of the river Sutlej, on the southern periphery of Sri Anandpur Sahib.
An eco-luxury resort, Anand at the Satluj brims with peace and tranquility that comes along with being surrounded by tree plantations & lush farmlands.
Anand at the Satluj Bird's Eye

A bird’s eye view

The Resort consists of tented cottages replete with all modern luxuries. The architecture and ambience provides the perfect combination of getting away from city life. While providing access to material comforts that guests would expect from a premium resort.
Anand at the Satluj Lounge

The Lounge Area

The town of Sri Anandpur Sahib is at a distance of 80kms from the city of Chandigarh. It also has its own direct connectivity by road and rail to major cities and through Chandigarh by air. 
There are multiple facets of culture, spiritualism and activity to choose from at the resort.
Sri Anandpur Sahib being amongst the holiest of cities for Sikhism, there are many religious sites to visit.
Of special mention is the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum. Nothing short of mesmerising, the museum sheds brilliant light on the history of Sikhism as well as our country. 
Anand at the Satluj Virasat e khasa

The Virasat e khalsa museum (Pic:Wikipedia)


 On the cultural front, there are immersive experiences related to daily farm life, entertainment and celebrations of rural Punjab. There also are a host of activities to choose from within the resort.
A guest could choose anywhere between sporty to spiritual on a particular day, and Anand at the Satluj is sure to throw up an engaging option.
Anand at the Satluj Nagar Kirtan

A Nagar Kirtan (holy procession)

Anand at the Satluj is perfect to be cast as a part of itineraries involving travel to Amritsar, Dharamshala, Manali & Shimla.
It is also well suited as a stand-alone destination for guests inclined towards cultural & spiritual experiences.

Anand at the Satluj – Highlights

Anand at the Satluj offers a perfect escape for the weary city-dweller. Situated amongst spread out farmland, amidst a poplar tree plantation and next to flowing water, the resort exudes an aura of peace & serenity.

You’ll find yourself waking to a state of unrushed being. Choose to spend the day unwinding. And go to bed serenaded by the sounds a background score from the wide open spaces.

Anand at the Satluj Patio

Patios outside the room

You can also choose to delve into the rich culture, spiritual moorings and intriguing history of the surrounding areas, and of Sri Anandpur Sahib. Go for a village walk, experience farming related activities, visit the many holy sites, visit the magnificent museum or if possible be part of a local festival. So if the sedentary life isn’t for you, there’s much to do around the resort.

Anand at the Satluj Swordplay

Children Practicing Swordplay

In terms of facilities, amenities and services, Anand at the Satluj is at par with standards required of premium hospitality brands.

Climate controlled living & recreational areas, hot & cold running water and tea & coffee makers, premium bathroom amenities & multi-functional shower jets are some of the amenities.

Anand at the Satluj Bathroom

En-suite bathrooms

The food of Punjab is renowned across the world for its heartiness, variety and depth of flavours.

Anand at the Satluj has the added advantage of having its own organic vegetable garden. So not only are the flavours fabulous, the quality of the ingredients is fantastic.

Anand at the Satluj – Location

  • Anandpur Sahib has its own railway station and is linked to Delhi through direct connectivity.
  • The Nearest Airport is Chandigarh, distance to the resort from which is a mere 80kms.
  • By Road, Anand at the Satluj is 312 Kms from New Delhi.

Anand at the Satluj – Room Types

The accommodation in Anand at the Satluj is designed to exude an aura of rustic charm while providing the luxuries associated with modern living.

The “farmstay look” comes from locally sourced construction materials, a tented-cottage style of construction and slanted roofs.

There are three categories of accommodation at the resort.

Accommodation Types at Anand at the Satluj:

Premier Tented Cottages – One bedroom cottages with an attached bathroom. Double/twin bed configurations. A cozy verandah facing green lawns & a private open air sit-out facing lush green fields.

Anand at the Satluj Tented Cotage

In a twin configuration

Luxury Tented Cottages – One bedroom cottages with an attached bathroom. Larger unit sizes. Double/twin bed configurations. A cozy verandah facing green lawns & a private open air sit-out facing lush green fields

Anand at the Satluj Luxury theted cottage

Family Tented Cottages – Two bedroom cottages with attached bathrooms, a living room, private drawing cum lounge area, cozy verandah facing green lawns, private open air sit-out facing lush green fields. Perfect for a small family.

Anand at the Satluj Family tented cottage

Anand at the Satluj – Activities

The farm stay experience

Situated amidst sprawling farmlands, Anand at the Satluj provides guests with the perfect opportunity to interact with the local community. Walks to the local villages and interaction with the residents to provide a glimpse of everyday village life.

More hands-on and fun experiences such as milking cows, tractor rides and an introduction to the basics of farming can also be organised.

Anand at the Satluj Langar

A langar kitchen (community cooking kitchen)

The cultural kaleidoscope: Punjab is renowned for its boisterous culture. Invigorating and zesty, its music and dance forms have been in the centerstage of Indian culture.

At Anand at the Satluj, you can choose between being a first row audience or participant in Bhangra and Gidda performances.

The guests can also experience the martial forms of the warrior clans with training sessions for the traditional skills.

Anand at the Satluj Khalsa

The Khalsa maintain their warrior traditions.


The Spiritual Stay

Sri Anandpur Sahib is one of the holiest places for Sikhs. With its inception in 1665 by Guru Tegh Bahadur the town has been inexorably tied to the religion and its aspects.

From the all important festival of Holla Mohalla to more than 10 Gurdwaras, including the Takth Sri Kesgarh Sahib, the birthplace of the Khalsa, this town is an absolute landmark for those interested in both Indian and Sikh history.


Anand at the Satluj Khalsa March

A Khalsa March


A must visit is the Virasat-e-Khalsa museum of Sikhism, which leaves visitors with a sense of wonder, both from the perspective of build and content.

Such positive vibes all around coupled with the serenity of the river and farmlands, Anand at the Satluj is perfect for Yoga, meditation and spiritual getaways too.


Within the Resort

Beyond the stay and experiences, Anand at the Satluj has a lot to do if you decide to stay in house:

The ‘Gallery Dining Hall’ features a permanent exhibition of Paintings and Photographs by well known artists. It also has a large projection TV screen to watch sports or catch up with unfolding news.

Anand at the Satluj Restaurant

The Restaurant


A ‘Polo lounge’ to relax and play pool, chess, carom board or to read and chill out with family and friends.


Anand at the Satluj Lounge

The Polo Lounge


You can also enjoy outdoor sports such as fun-cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, volleyball & boating.

Anand at the Satluj – Travel Tips

  • Sri Anandpur Sahib is known for the festival of Holla Mohalla. A massive converging point for the Sikh community. The festival is perfect for those who’d want in on a boisterous and colourful celebration. Highly recommended for photographers.
  • The route to the farmstay involves crossing a short crossing of shallow water. Please indicate if you’d be travelling by a low-slung vehicle for an alternate route of approach.
  • Punjab gets very cold during the winters. Please keep woolens / winter clothes handy.
  • Conservative dressing is required while visiting holy shrines.
Anand at the Satluj Hola mohalla

Scenes from Hola Mohalla


Itinerary connects:

  • Visits to Bhakra Dam (37kms) & Fishing on the Gobind Sagar lake (107kms)
  • Visit to the historic Gurudwaras in Kiratpur Sahib (15kms)
  • Trip extensions to Amritsar (184kms), Dharamshala (165kms), Kullu – Manali (247kms) & Shimla (145kms).
  • Dharamshala – We recommend Rakkh Resort • Manali – We recommend ShivAdya Resort • Shimla – We recommend The Chapslee Experience
  • Travelling by road is the quickest (and in some cases the only available) option to reach all these destinations

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