Bamboo Forest Tadoba
Bamboo Forest Tadoba
Maharashtra (India)

About Bamboo Forest Tadoba (The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge)

Bamboo Forest Tadoba is unarguably the best resort in the famed national park.

One needs just the right ratio of effort and luck for a sighting of the Royal Bengal Tiger. At Tadoba, luck is not as critical.

Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve is said to be one of the top destinations for witnessing the prince of the jungle with your very own eyes.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Red Coral Travel Experiences - Tiger

Luxury is a word much bandied about. All we’d want to say, is if you want a chance of catching the prince of the jungle while living like a human equivalent of it, Bamboo Forest Tadoba is the place to be.

The accommodation, the service standards, the detailing, the sheer array of services provided, the professionalism of the staff and not to mention the F&B are unequalled in the field of eco-tourism.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Red Coral Travel Experiences

Also, eco-tourism it is. As Bamboo Forest Tadoba weaves its cocoon of rich natural delights and superlative man made luxury around you, it simultaneously handles the environment with the softest of kid gloves.

Increased greening to offset human development and employment opportunities for locals are two of the multiple efforts that make sure you stay in an eco-resort true to the sense of the word.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Red Coral Travel Experiences - bird watching

We’d have gone at length, explaining to you the stupendous range of life forms (stationary, as well as on the move) in the forests that surround The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge.

However if one of the rarest creatures to spot has chosen Tadoba to be more generous regarding being out and about, we’ll leave it to your imagination.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba – Highlights

The diversity of wildlife, bird watching, a “young naturalists” nature camp for your kids, and finally a truly luxurious experience of staying at the property

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Red Coral Travel Experiences - outdoor shower

Bamboo Forest Tadoba – Location

The Nearest airport / rail head is Nagpur, a 90 – 120 minute drive away

Accommodation at Bamboo Forest Tadoba

09 Villas – Spacious luxury accommodation with a patio overlooking the lake, private gardens, an open to the sky large bath tub area, et. al.

10 rooms – Located in three chalets, these are spacious and possess all the trappings of high end luxury resorts

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Red Coral Travel Experiences - Rooms

For the outdoorsy: Jungle safaris in the ultra-luxurious modified Scorpio Getaway, cycling trails, nature walks, bird watching, star gazing, lake side picnics

For the laid back: Taruveda Spa, Taruveda Store. Though, we’d definitely suggest heading out

Bamboo Forest Tadoba – Travel Tips

Safari bookings open up in advance and it is good to plan and book in advance to avoid last minute non-availability of Safaris.

Umred-Kharhandla Sanctuary is just an hour’s drive special day trips for the wild life enthusiasts can be organised.