Bamboo Forest Tadoba
Bamboo Forest Tadoba
Maharashtra (India)

About Bamboo Forest Tadoba (The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge)

Bamboo Forest Tadoba (the frequently used version of Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge) is a luxury resort adjacent to Tadoba National Park, Maharashtra.

Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve is one of the top destinations in the world for sighting the Royal Bengal Tiger. One usually needs the right ratio of effort and luck to catch the glimpse of THE big cat.

At Tadoba Andhari Reserve, not as much.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Tiger

The Crown Prince of Tadoba

The reserve is spread across 625 sq. km. Home to an estimated 88 tigers within the reserve and 58 in the forests in the vicinity of the reserve. Beyond tigers, the reserve hosts leopards, sloth bears, nilgai, gaur, striped hyena, the endangered Indian python, and many other species. There also exist 195 species of birds and an extensive list of reptiles and insects.

Placed next to the picturesque lake Masaal, Bamboo Forest Tadoba has 9 villas, and 3 chalets (each chalet holding 4 interconnected rooms). The resort has been designed to be eco-friendly in every aspect and has won many awards for sustainable tourism.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Cottages

The Cottages at Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge

Luxury is a word much bandied about, however at Bamboo Forest Tadoba, it is done absolute justice. The resort is unquestionably rife with luxury.

The villas are 700 sq. ft. each, with a large bedroom, en-suite washroom, powder room, patio overlooking the lake, private garden, and open air bath-tubs surrounded by greenery.

The chalets too are expansive, with all modern amenities like hot/cold air-conditioning, hot/cold shower, LCD TVs with satellite connection, Wi-Fi, tea-coffee maker, powder room and mini-bar.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Bath Tub

The open air bath tubs

The accommodation, detailing, service standards, professionalism of the staff and not to mention the F&B are unequaled in the genre of eco-hospitality.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba – Highlights

As Bamboo Forest Tadoba weaves its cocoon of rich natural delights and superlative man made luxury around you, it simultaneously handles the environment with the softest of kid gloves.

Increased greening to offset human development and employment opportunities for locals are two of the multiple efforts that make sure you stay in an eco-resort, true to every sense of the word.

There is a stupendous range of life forms in the forests surrounding Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge, which makes forest safaris the absolute highlight of the resort.

Not only is Tadoba great for those wanting to catch a glimpse of the Tiger, it is also a birder’s paradise. Hosting a wide diversity of water birds and raptors the park is home to three endangered species. The Grey-headed fish eagle, the crested serpent eagle, and the changeable hawk eagle.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba

A Birder’s Delight

To know more about the flora and fauna of Tadoba, you can visit the wiki page here.

As mentioned earlier, the resort is ensconced in luxury. If it’s not time for the wonders of nature, it’s time to enjoy the experience of being at a great resort.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba The Deck

The Deck

Sit in a patio overlooking the lake, enjoy a bubble bath under the starry skies, sample sumptuous food and let go of all stresses, worries & what not.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Patio

Enjoy your view of the lake!

Bamboo Forest Tadoba – Location

  • The Nearest airport / rail head is Nagpur, a 90 – 120 minute drive away
  • Nagpur is well connected by air to Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and other major cities.
  • Nagpur is also well connected through the railway to the rest of the country.

Accommodation at Bamboo Forest Tadoba

09 Villas – Spacious luxury accommodation of 700 sq. ft. each, with a patio overlooking the lake, large bedroom, en-suite washroom, powder room, private garden, and open air bath-tubs surrounded by greenery

10 rooms – Located in three chalets, these are spacious and possess all the trappings of high end luxury resorts

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Bedroom

All villas and chalets come with modern amenities like hot/cold air-conditioning, hot/cold shower, LCD TVs with satellite connection, Wi-Fi, tea-coffee maker, powder room and mini-bar.

For the outdoorsy: Jungle safaris are absolutely not to be missed.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba Safari

The Safari Scorpio

Then there are cycling trails, nature walks, bird watching, star gazing and lake side picnics.

For the laid back: Taruveda Spa, Taruveda Store. Though, again, we’d definitely suggest heading out.

Bamboo Forest Tadoba – Travel Tips

  • Safari bookings open up 120 days in advance and it is good to plan and book in advance to avoid last minute non-availability.
  • This is one of the few parks open throughout the year and limited trails are available in the monsoons and
  • The buffer zones in Tadoba are as diverse as the core zone and you should go for a mix of both.
  • The Scorpio getaways are a fantastic way of exploring the jungles and you should block them in advance.
  • You can extend your wildlife itinerary with a visit to Kanha National Park (306 kms) or Satpura National Park (409 kms), to experience the true natural diversity of central India.
  • While at Kanha, we suggest staying at Singinawa Jungle Lodge and Forsyth Lodge at Satpura, is suggested.

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