Forsyth Lodge Satpura
Forsyth Lodge Satpura
Madhya Pradesh (India)

About Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge is an upscale forest lodge located at the edge of Satpura Tiger Reserve. Spread across 44 acres of reclaimed forest, Forsyth Lodge provides an ecologically sustainable wildlife experience.

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Evening Facade

The Facade of Forsyth Lodge at Dusk

Satpura National Park consists of a largely hilly terrain surrounded by vast number of thick forests. Over the years, erosion caused by the numerous streams flowing through the area has opened up deep gorges and ravines, making the park an attraction for tigers and other wild animals.

The Satpura National Park has been classified as the most deciduous forests in and around the area. This provides for stark contrasting views and experiences through various seasons.

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Leopard

The Bio-Diversity of Satpura Tiger Reserve Makes it a Haven for Wildlife Lovers

Adjudged as the “Most Inspirational Eco Lodge” with highest PUG ratings by TOFT, Forsyth Lodge is a beautiful attempt to bring you close to nature in the most luxurious ways possible.

12 independent cottages have been placed in an arc formation around the two storied lodge building. Keeping true to the ethos of sustainability, the lodge has been constructed as a rammed earth structure. The cottages have been built out of cob. Both methods of construction are ecologically responsible, exude an aura of authenticity and offer excellent insulation.

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Cottages

The Cob Cottages of Forsyth Lodge

Sustainable practices do not mean that Forsyth Lodge skimps on elements of comfort, luxury and premium hospitality. The main lodge has a generous library, a lounge with a fireplace and a well stocked bar among other facilities.

The cottages have climate control, wardrobes, writing desks, large washrooms and patios. A couple of cottages also feature a covered terrace with a double bed. Your chance to sleep in a “machaan”.

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Cottage Interiors

The Interiors of a cottage at Forsyth Lodge

Delivering a wholesome, sustainable wildlife experience through constant partnership with the park administration and the local community, Forsyth Lodge promises a bespoke wilderness experience that suits every need.

Forsyth Lodge – Highlights

The wildlife experience at Forsyth Lodge is unparalleled. In part due to the distinct topography of Satpura Tiger Reserve, and in part due to the competent & engaging team of naturalists.

You have three modes to experience the reserve, each with its distinct benefits. You can walk, use a jeep or even a canoe to savor the joys of wilderness at Satpura.

Walking allows you to get very close to nature. All of your senses are permeated by different aspects of the wild. You can see every little sign of the hectic calm, hear the sounds of furious activity, smell the weather, touch the textures of flora and maybe even taste a little known plant that you didn’t even know existed!

All these experiences are brought to life under the very able guidance of naturalists from the lodge, who have answers more than you have questions!

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Trekking

The closest you can get to wilderness.

Then there are jeep safaris which whisk you from one sighting hot-spot to another and from one distinct landscape to the other in a much shorter span of time. Useful especially when you’re looking at spotting larger mammals in the Jungle.

A distinct way to explore Satpura with Forsyth Lodge is by Canoe Safaris. You paddle down gently through little rivulets and get a very different perspective of the wild. Seeing the animals head down to the water for a drink, being able to access remote spots that are not approachable through land and then enjoying the various hues of the day reflect on the water is an experience not to be missed.

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Bird

Just another view from the Canoe

Then there are other activities like mountain bike ride, Paghdandi Bicycling trips, Panchmarhi Programme, Special Forsyth trail or Jr Rangers programme for kids, which make your stay at Forsyth Lodge that much more immersive.

Within the resort, you can enjoy a drink at the Forsyth Bar, pull out a book on wildlife to better understand the environs around you, sit around a bonfire and trade stories from the day or just take to the telescope and then the stars.

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Terrace

The perfect setting for storytelling

During the day you can just choose to take a dip in the beautiful pool that is clean to the extent of even having minimal levels of chlorine!

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Pool

The Pool at Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge Satpura – Location

  • Nearest Airport is Bhopal, a 3 hours drive to the lodge.
  • Nearest rail head is Sohagpur (16 Kms) while other close rail heads are Pipariya (35 Kms), Hoshangabad (45 Kms) and Itarsi (60 Kms).

Forsyth Lodge – Room Types

There are two variations in accommodation at Forsyth Lodge.  The AC cottages and AC cottages with Machaan.

Both equally comfortable with all modern facilities & amenities in place, the distinction lies with the machaan cottages having a terrace with a double bed and canopy. For those enthused by the sounds of wilderness and an affinity for waking up in time with nature, the latter is highly recommended.

Forsyth Lodge Satpura Machaan

The Machaan

Forsyth Lodge – Activities

  • The forest! Jungle walks, safaris in Jeeps and Canoeing.
  • Reading in the well appointed library devoted to Indian wildlife.
  • Spending time around one of the fireplaces.
  • Exchanging the day’s stories at the Forsyth Lodge bar.
  • Gazing at the stars through the telescope on the terrace of the lodge.

Forsyth Lodge – Travel Tips

  • The Satpura national park is classified as part of the Eastern Highlands moist deciduous forests eco-region and forms part of a zone where you come across both Teak and Sal.
  • Apart from Tiger and the Leopard, the area is home to Gaur, Sloth Bear, several species of Deer, the Chausingha, Nilgai antelope, wild dogs, wolf, Hyena etc.
  • The park is open for safaris from 1st October – 15th June.
  • If you’re looking at an extended itinerary for experiencing wildlife, a trip to Kanha or Tadoba National Parks is recommended. The wide spectrum of biodiversity in central India can be better understood after experiencing all three national parks with the possible inclusion of Pench National Park.
  • We suggest staying at Singinawa Jungle Lodge at Kanha and The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge at Tadoba.

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