Red Coral Hospitality Services

Red Coral partners with standalone hotels, resorts & lodges, providing operational support for business processes related to sales, marketing & reservations.

Now four years in the business, Red Coral has delivered revenue growth in a range of 40% to 300%  for its clients through better trade exposure, increased lead generation and higher lead conversion ratios.

Looking at maximising revenue for your property? Here’s how we can help:

Reservation Services Suite

Our centralised reservation office handles voice & data queries from FITs, corporate houses, travel agents and travel portals amongst others. Staffed with skilled professionals, the reservation office runs 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

An integrated suite of an online central reservation system, a channel manager & a state-of-the-art contact center solution offers enhanced efficiency, permits for randomised QCs through call monitoring and generates customised reports, in line with client requirements.

An additional benefit of using our reservation services is access to intelligence data including basic KPIs like ARR, occupancy rates and market segments as well as enhanced reporting related to business trends, and denial tracking.

These reports provide valuable insights into your business, thus paving way for the creation of a top-notch product.

Beyond the obvious performance related benefits, our resort partners enjoy alleviating operational headaches that come with having an in-house reservation setup.

Our Reservation Services Suite reduces costs, takes away the pain of hiring, training & management of human resource, saves on cost of real estate, other multiple overheads, removes the need of technology management and frees you of worries related to connectivity & downtimes.

These benefits, relevant in an urban scenario, become even more pronounced for properties located in remote areas.

Marketing Representation & Sales Support

Red Coral’s hotel marketing division provides customised solutions to its hotel partners. We understand that each property has its set of unique requirements beyond the hygiene.

Subscribing to a consultative approach, we will list out the requirements as directed by you, run our own audits, come up with a set of suggestions, and then work with you to prepare a go-to-market strategy.

We have strong relationships built with elite inbound tour operators, premium domestic agents, OTAs & corporate travel planners through decades of  operational experience in the industry and a proactive approach to relationship management as well as business development.

Our marketing team interacts with direct customers, travel trade and a few corporates, and is supported by our digital outreach programme to generate leads for our partners, and leverage our well established reservation centre for lead conversion.

Some of the activities that fall under the purview of our operations:

 Interactions with the Travel Trade

  • Present, position and market the property with key high end Inbound Travel agencies and facilitate rate contracting.
  • Organize one on one meetings of Management with key stakeholders of selected agencies which have potential for good business.
  • Participation in trade fairs.
  • Organize FAM trips as & when required.

Communicating with Direct Guest

  • Expat networking platforms-  Represent in all major Expat Fairs, participate and present in expat events like coffee mornings
  • Neighborhood networking events.
  • High-end condominium/society/community events ( Delhi/NCR based)

Limited Digital Media and mail campaigns under Red Coral

  • Social Media Communication
  • Social Media & Search Engine PPC Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web partnerships

Other miscellaneous activities

  • Inputs on robust pricing strategy
  • Inputs on product development

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