Romancing the Rains

Romancing the Rains

  • Romancing the Rains - Shimla
  • Romancing the Rains - Tadoba
  • Romancing the Rain Goa
  • Romancing the Rain

Romancing the Rains - Pollachi

We start romancing the rains with South India, which welcomes the monsoon on to the mainland.
The clouds roll over and into Pollachi, percolating every pore in the area. Condensing from the leaves into droplets and then little streams, which sometimes turn to mighty waterfalls. 
The consistent rejuvenation of the land forms the perfect backdrop of a physical & mental cleanse for you. Coco Lagoon Resort, Pollachi provides an expansive list treatments to this end.
Romancing the Rain

Valparai in the Rain

Romancing the Rains - Goa

Then as the raindrops touch the Goan sands, it is time for calm and quiet. The bustle cools to a low buzz of daily existence, and it is now that Goa becomes alluring to the traveller drawn to an experience unblemished by incessant commerce. See Goa at its unhurried best while staying at Villa Ananta, a premium property in the vicinity of Candolim beach.
Romancing the Rain Goa

Goa in the Rain

Romancing the Rains - Tadoba

Moving on, the moisture laden breeze embrace parched grasslands, hill ranges and forests of central India. The dormancy & fatigue from the summer heat turns into relentless activity, most of which is inaccessible as nearly all wildlife preserves are shut but for the exception of Tadoba. Adding yet another aspect of luxury and exclusivity to Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge.
Romancing the Rains - Tadoba

The legendary Tadoba sightings in the Rain

It is then the near simultaneous knocking on doors of the land of five rivers and of the mighty Himalayas in the North. 

Romancing the Rains - Punjab

Farmlands of Punjab literally spring to life, turning everything lush. An already dramatic setting turns its vibrancy to maximum and look stunning, especially against a backdrop of gray. 
A perfect place to experience it all? Anand at the Satluj, Anandpur Sahib. A gorgeous farm-stay showcasing the curated best of Punjab.

Punjab in the rain



Romancing the Rains - Shimla, Dharamshala & Manali

To the north, mountainsides compete to display every conceivable shade of green. Entire mountains are enveloped in a translucent layer of mist, and winding roads throw up one delightful vista after another, as your senses try to keep up. You could choose to branch out in any direction, and we’d have a beautiful property to suggest. 

Romancing the Rains - Shimla

Shimla in the Rain


 In Dharamshala, there are the beautiful cottages of Rakkh Resort, in Manali, surrounded by the now near-ripe apples, is ShivAdya Resort; and in Shimla, covered in ivy and drinking its tea next to the fireplace is the incomparable Chapslee House.
From the South to the North, it’s time to romance in and with the rains.
Just let us know, where.

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